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"One last time, the US softball team crowded around its coach and listened.  'Who do you play for?' he asked.

'U-S-A!' they screamed.  Loud enough for the whole world to hear.

On Monday, the US team completed an almost flawless romp through the Olympics, winning gold with a 5-1 victory over Australia - another dominant performance by the best softball team America has ever built.

'This team got it done, and we got it done in grand fashion,' said pitcher Lisa Fernandez.  'This is the best that's ever put on the red, white and blue.'

The Aussies knew better than to go for gold.  Fernandez wasn't going to let them get their hands near it.  'We didn't do our homework well enough,' Stacey Porter said.  'She got us in the end again.'

No worries, mate.  Fernandez gets everyone.

At 33, the three-time Olympian only seems to get better.  She went 4-0 in the tournament and batted .545 in her third games, leaving little doubt that she's still the game's best all-around player.

The best team was never a debate.  Four years ago in Sydney, the United States barely captured gold.  This time, it was just a blink from perfection.  Fernandez, as always, led the way."


Excerpt from "Nearly Flawless, US Women Win Gold"  by Associated Press   (August 23, 2004)

Awards & Accomplishments

  • US Olympic Hall of Fame

  • 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist

  • Individual Olympic Records:

             Struck out 25 batters in 1 game
             Lowest ERA (0.47)
             Highest batting average (.545)

  • USA Softball Player of the Year

  • ESPY Award for Best Female Olympic Performance 2004

  • 4-time ISF Women's World Championship Gold Medalist

  • 3-time Pan American Games Gold Medalist

  • Pan American Qualifier Gold Medalist

  • 2-time South Pacific Classic Gold Medalist

  • South Pacific Classic Most Outstanding Pitcher

  • 2-time U.S. Cup Gold Medalist

  • 3-time Canada Cup Gold Medalist

  • Intercontinental Cup Gold Medalist

  • 2-time Japan Cup Gold Medalist

  • Women's World Challenger Gold Medalist

  • Superball Gold Medalist

  • Superball Silver Medalist