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The Women's Sports Foundation (one of the biggest charitable organizations in the world for female athletes) has made it its top priority to pressure the IOC to get softball back in the 2012 Olympics.  They found that the best effect to truly put enough pressure on the IOC is to overwhelm them with letters of protest.  E-mails can be deleted; petitions are just a list of names with no voice.  But for them to receive an overwhelming amount of mail regarding softball's removal, not just from the US but from around the world, can make a huge difference!



Letter to the IOC (.DOC)

Letter to the IOC (.PDF)

List of IOC Members (.PDF)

To view the above PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.


In the upper right corner, you will find links to a letter regarding the elimination of not only softball, but other women's sports.

  • For those of you with Microsoft Word (or a word processor that will import Word documents), right-click on the ".doc" version and "Save Target As".  After opening the saved document, you can type in your name, as well as the addressee.
  • For those of you without a compatible word processor, click on the ".pdf" version of the letter to view (or right-click and "Save Target As").  You can either print the letter and hand-write names, or you can retype the entire letter.

After printing the letters, snail-mail (yes, that's the USPS) them to the IOC members.  A list of names and addresses can also be found in the links to the right.  It will take you five minutes, and the more letters they receive, the more influential this will be.

Thank you for your help and dedication to the sport of softball!